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Saudi Arabia

Installation and Design of a Big Data cluster for government agency to correlate multiple internal sources of data.


Supply of firefighting vehicles for the civil defense of Cameroun funded by CIVIPOL (French Ministry of Interior).

Burkina Faso

Supply and Installation of Telecommunication Equipment for the Ministry of Interior of Burkina Faso funded by the Belgian development agency ENABEL.

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Supply and Installation of spectrum analyzer and antenna analyzer for the MONUSCO UN peacekeeping forces in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


Supply of several community FM Radios in the different regions of Cameroun financed by the UNESCO programmes.


Supply and Installation of Hydrometry and meteorology and water quality testing equipment for the different regional water offices of the Federal Republic of Nigeria financed by the European Union.


Implementation of a Digital Forensics Laboratory for the Moroccan border Police of the Directorate General of National Security, in the scope of the border management programme for the Maghreb region financed by the International Center for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD).


Implementation of the National Cyber Security infrastructure, Cyber Governance, Monitoring and Evaluation platform and Cyber Incident Exchange platform, for the National Cyber Security Agency of Ghana funded by the World Bank.


Implementation of Digital Forensics Laboratories for Kosovo Forensic Agency and Kosovo Police financed by the European Union.


Supply of two High-Performance Computing (HPC) clusters for meteorology and weather forecast for the programmes ACMAD and AGRHYMET financed by the African Bank for Development.