Established in 1992

INTERTECH GROUP is a leading actor in international procurement contracts for supply and services financed by international development funds.

INTERTECH GROUP has an international presence in France, United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Kenya, as well as local representatives in multiple countries. Through its international subsidiaries, INTERTECH GROUP is able to manage its operations, provide expertise, ensure logistic support, install equipment and offer professional training for beneficiaries worldwide.

Since its establishment in 1992,
INTERTECH GROUP has acquired substantial experience in major supply and service contracts financed by different international funds mainly the European Commission (EC), World Bank (IBRD), United Nations Development Program (UNDP), United Nations Industrial Dev. Org. (UNIDO), African Development Fund (AFD), United States Agency for International Development (USAID)...

Managed by a team of qualified and experienced engineers in tight cooperation with highly-qualified experts from different fields,
INTERTECH GROUP has the capabilities of offering turnkey projects and services worldwide covering the following sectors of Science, Education, Environmental, Health, transport, ICT, etc.

IINTERTECH GROUP adopts and complies with customer needs as the prime guideline to ensure long term client satisfaction. Hence, our mission is to seek a strong commitment to our clients by providing them with the most suitable expertise and solutions. We strive to always stand as leaders in our field through individual and collective commitment and integrity. Our vision is to be one of the contributors alongside governmental organizations and civil society actors for building better communities.


INTERTECH GROUP is a leading actor on worldwide contracts of Supply and Services for international development funds.

Selected Projects